Live yoga Classes

Livestream classes are a perfect alternative to classes in a studio. All you need for it is a yoga mat and secure internet connection.

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Livestream classes are ideal for you, if...

You love being in a group of like-minded people

Group spirit and mutual motivation work wonders!

You enjoy having a weekly routine

Repeated events make you happy as you don't need to make new plans every week and you know exactly what you can expect.

The way to a yoga studio is too long

If you live far away from a yoga studio, live classes offer you a great chance to practice alone and at the same time in a group. Bring a yoga studio to your home!

You enjoy live classes

If you are like me, you enjoy practicing live. There're no distractions, no disturbance and no stress. Only you and your yoga mat.

Live Class Schedule

Vinyasa Flow GERMAN
4:30 pm CET
Vinyasa Flow RUSSIAN
6:00 pm CET

Live Class Packs

5 Live Classes

50 + Fees
  • Livestream Zoom Classes
  • You save 10 €
  • Valid 50 Days

10 Live Classes

95 + Fees
  • Livestream Zoom Classes
  • You save 25 €
  • Valid 90 Days

Other Offerings

Get to know me and learn what I do. Choose the class format that suits you!

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Personal Training

Set your own goals and work with me on achieving them. I'll guide you through the process of getting to know your own self.

I help find body and mind strength through a modern yoga practice combined with neurocentric training ❤️


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