Yoga Personal Training

You have no time to attend classes in a yoga studio or live and not enough motivation to practice with on-demand-videos? Or do you wish personal assistance based on your needs? I’ve got a solution: personal training!

Personal Training is for you if...

Your schedule is so full that you have no time to attend group classes

You have certain goals you want to achieve

You want to dive deeper in the world of yoga

Your statement reflects the desire for personalized classes that cater to individual needs. HereYou seek classes tailored to accommodate your specific needs.

You'd like to practice with your partner

You feel better in a one-on-one class

My 1:1 Yoga Classes

Our classes are tailored precisely to meet your needs. Together, we begin by defining your training goals and analyzing your physical, psychological, and emotional state. This allows me to design an optimal yoga class that aligns with your preferences. I place particular emphasis on anatomy and biomechanics to ensure each class is both effective and safe for you.

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My approach

Since yoga addresses body, breath and mind, our classes will also consist of several parts:

Neurocentric Training

The neurocentric approach has become integral to my yoga practice. As the name suggests, this approach centers on the brain and nervous system. Neurocentric exercises can help you:

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